Our Story, the Christian Story, does not begin with us (even, as we hope, it will not end with us). It begins many hundreds of years ago in the ancient Near East, unfolding in real time and space in ever complex and deepening ways, carrying along with it many countless multitudes of men and women. We are the recipients of this Story, this Drama (in all possible meanings of the word). It is ours, not so much because it belongs to us (though maybe that too), but because we belong to it.

And if this is true of the Christian story in general, than it is also profoundly true of the story of Anglicanism in Hawaii in particular. We are not alone, we are not the origin, we have been given this story to carry on by others. This means that when we speak of leadership we begin —as Anglicans— with our Bishop, Ken Ross, and the diocese of the Rocky Mountains. But our leadership also involves the clergy and elders at our mother church Christ the Foundation Anglican in Kailua. In all of our service, and prayers, and breaking-of-bread, and mission, our leaders find hope and strength in the knowledge that we are not alone; that we are accountable to somebody other than our natural affinities; and that what we are doing is something far greater than the particular charismatic personalities of the team.


Fr. Mark Brians

After graduating from Kaiser High School, Mark received both his Bachelors and Masters degrees from Hawaii Pacific University. While in college he met his wife Rachel, they were married in June 2013. Before planting All Saints Honolulu, Fr. Mark worked as the Assisting Priest at Christ the Foundation in Kailua, and worked as a Humanities and debate teacher at Trinity Christian School. Mark and Rachel have two daughters, Tirzah and Penelope, and a son named Ambrose (he’s the baby bump in the photo).


Dawson Vorderbruegge

Dawson also graduated from Kaiser High School with Fr. Mark, then earned degrees in English and Rhetoric at California State Stanislaus. He and his wife, Marina, met while running collegiate track together and were married in 2013. He is currently an English teacher at Hawai'i Baptist Academy and a licensed Realtor. Dawson and Marina live in Nu'uanu with their two sons, Thomas and Miles.

Dawson is currently pursuing ordination to the Deaconate. We are very excited to be a part of this journey with him and his family.


Jonathan Fant

Jonathan has lived and worked in Hawaii most of his life. After finishing his homeschool education in Hawaii he moved to Minnesota and received his bachelor’s degree in music composition from McNally Smith College of Music. He then married his high school sweetheart Jessica, and moved back to Kailua where he teaches music, math, and science at Trinity Christian School. Jonathan is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Classical and Christian Studies from New Saint Andrews College and is overly fond of Chesterton essays, beer, and poke. He and his wife live in Kailua with their two boys, Jonathan Lewis and Patrick.